Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

I can't say that this is a week I was looking forward to.  After two weeks of vacation from work, my husband is going back today, and on Wednesday Natalie begins first grade.  I think it is absolutely ridiculous that our summer fun must come to an end only 8 days into August.  School should start in September! I find myself overwhelmed by the thought of what a new school year entails: getting up early, the dreaded morning rush, homework, what seems like endless car rides to school and activities, more structured dinners... just to name a few! Ha! I will be spending the first part of this week getting mentally prepared as well as organizing the house for the chaos to come. This homework/backpack station looks like a good idea to me, and would be simple and easy to implement.  Both the girls will be in school this year (Kara starts Pre-K in Sept), so it is going to take more organization to stay on top of it all.  I need to just take a deep breath and remind myself that it seems overwhelming now, but as soon as we get back into a routine we will all be fine.  And I think for one of my first back-to-school dinners I will be making this recipe- still summery, but hearty as well.  I hope to post on schedule, but if it gets spotty you know why.  I didn't post my usual over this weekend because I was busy soaking up every last bit of fun I could!  Are you dealing with back-to-school already too? Any tips for this already frazzled mom? ;) 

I will announce the winner of the Go Chic or Go Home giveaway later today. Thank you for all who entered.


  1. We start today, too, and I thought we were the only ones! Fortunately our school is virtual!

  2. Oh boy! I am kind of jealous of you and at the same time, feel for ya! We still have a ton of things we want to do in the next couple of weeks before school starts. I'm excited for school to start, but sad for summer to end! At least you will have a little time to yourself :) I didn't realize Kara was going to Pre-K also... fun, fun stuff!

  3. Change in routine is always hard, but your hubby's vacation ending and school starting in early August just add insult to injury! The recipe looks yummy and perfect for still-summer-but-busy-with-school days. Great quote too... you got this!