Back To School Shopping for The Kids With Old Navy!

As I lamented on Monday, Natalie has officially gone back to school. Yesterday was her first day of first grade, and I had knots in my stomach from the moment I woke up in the morning until I finally brought her home.  I think she was less nervous than I was!  First grade is a major one folks: it is the first time they are at school for a full school day (at least in my school district-Kindy was a half-day only), are eating lunch at school and are basically thrown out there to the wolves to fend for themselves.  Okay, that last part is a stretch, but jeez, it kind of feels like it as a mom to have their first baby gone for most of the day!  I mean who is really looking out for her as much as I would?!

Anyway, let's switch gears before I go off on more of a tangent (because I can and will, just ask my mom or husband), one thing that always helps lessen the sting of a new school year is heading out for some good ol'fashioned back-to-school shopping!  Natalie is at the age of course where she wants to pick out her own stuff, and it can be a bit of a power struggle (no, you can't buy the short sequin mini), but luckily there is enough cute stuff out there that we can find some common ground.  

Old Navy has the cutest, on-trend pieces for back-to-school.  Kids' clothes for school should be comfy, have a great fit (ie-cover up everything that should be!), and of course be budget friendly.  Check out these cute items I found for the girls, all in the prints and patterns that I myself am rocking these days!

I mean, leopard, stripes and polka dots? Yes please! You really can't go wrong with these.  We are a big fan of skirts over leggings for school.  That way Natalie has her must-have skirt, and I feel comfortable that she isn't flashing anyone by having leggings underneath.  Kara will be following suit come September! 

We don't have boys, but I seriously love boy clothes.  I never understood when people complained that boy clothes were no fun, because I have always thought they were!  Just look at these cute items:

There has never been a little boy plaid shirt that I didn't adore. Seriously, if I had a boy, he would probably be in plaid 99% of the time.  And just look at those chambray tops: the one with the tie?! The cuteness.  Also, camo is big this fall, remember? ;) So, so much cute stuff at Old Navy for the boys as well.

It goes without saying (although I will say it) that the prices at Old Navy are enough to make every mom happy.  You can get a nice big bag full of clothes for your kiddos without breaking the bank.  I'm sure a few items for yourself will sneak in that bag as well!  

So how many of you dear sweet readers have kiddos like me? Are they school age? I'd love to know!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. SO cute! I love back to school shopping! We totally do the skirts and leggings in this house too! Although some stores are getting better about putting little shorts in the skirts now (which I first thought was cheesy and now I am thankful for!). Love those leopard pants and I just bought Noah some camo shorts and they are fun to pair with the "preppy" pieces for a cool look.

  2. you should be the ambassador for old navy. just saying. its about time you are sponsored by them!!!

    really loving those camo slip ons. :)

    1. Haha! Seriously! I'm always dishing on Old Navy ;)