Interior Infatuation: Black, White, Natural, Crisp!

Let's see here, besides fashion, beauty, food and drinks, my other passion is interior design. Ha!  I don't post as many interiors here on the blog anymore, but there are many friends who have been around for awhile who remember it used to be more of a focus.  I still love, love, love pretty spaces, but since the creation of pinterest, I tend to keep the inspiring interior photos I run across over there.

I don't want to turn my back on them entirely though, because some are just too good not to share!  These have been a few of my favorites lately... 

Cheers!-I love this twist on the ever popular bar cart.  For a young family like ours it makes no sense to have a cute little bar cart filled with booze and glassware. Let's be honest, the kids would turn it into their own private cocktail party with their Barbies.  Having it all up on the wall is definitively a great alternative for our current lifestyle. Now to only find the wall space...

Green Dresser-Hello you beautiful beast you. And I say that in the most loving of ways.  I still want to paint a big piece of furniture a fun color. I've only been talking about it here and there for, oh, three years now.  I picked up an awesome vintage desk on the side of the road the other day-FREE-that never happens to me. I insta'd it if you want to see the pic.  If all goes according to plan I am going to paint that baby this weekend.

Shell Collections- Can never get enough shells.  My house has pretty much turned into a beach cottage, and I don't even care that the nearest actual beach is over an hour away.  One day I should document all the beachy shiz I got going on over here to show you.  But I don't know, you may think I'm crazy.

Styled to perfection console table- just come live with me okay? I know you would love it here at my beach cottage in the valley.

Where my interior design lovers at??


  1. bar carts, ahhh, something that seems so cute, but really impractical. unless i like to pour pure alcohol into a glass, im in the kitchen making the darn drink! with ice!

    ok, end rant.

    i cant wait to see the painted desk all finished!!

  2. I agree Holly, bar carts are cute, but just not practical. Unless you are Don Draper and really do just pour straight alchy into a glass!

  3. Oh my G... Jackie, this is the cutest post ever. I love love love the bar-on-a-wall idea. That would be so perfect over here too. I love all the pics you posted and I love the very colorful beast too. Great stuff!!!!!!