Afternoon Sweet Treat: Merona "Mali" Loafers

I have had a crush on these fun, colorful, tasseled loafers since I saw them at Target a few weeks back.  To make the crush even harder I've been seeing them on my cutie blog and insta friends like Michelle, (and someone else recently too-was it you?).

What color would you get? I'm leaning towards mint, but I always gravitate towards blues and greens.  My girls vote pink of course!


  1. Those look so yummy! I must find them!

    Understated Classics

  2. Yes, I've been seeing these around too and I have such a huge crush! I have to go to Target today to pick up a wedding gift...uh oh.

  3. It was me! I have the mint ones and I LOVE them. But those pink ones are pretty awesome too. Sorry I'm not help at all!

  4. Right now they are $10 at target! I just picked them up in the pink! Super comfy and soooooo cute!