Sweet Picks: Summer Swimsuit Trends

With summer swiftly approaching, and swimsuits bulging off the racks at retailers, it's hard to deny that the time has come to suit up!  I have to admit, I haven't worn a two-piece much since baby number 2, but they are so much more fun to play around with.  Here I have mixed and matched different tops and bottoms, creating your very own unique swimsuit.  I like to pair a pattern with a solid, choosing one color from the pattern to use as your solid.  This makes it look more cohesive and less like you accidentally grabbed the wrong top and bottom in the morning before you left for the beach!  

1. top / bottom
2. top / bottom
3. top / bottom
5. top / bottom
6. top / bottom

Which is your fave? I think combo #2 needs to be my intro back into the two piece world ;)

1 comment:

  1. I love number one because I love the idea of a white suit, but it's not so practical for the bottoms... so this is perfect!