Sweet Picks: Mermaid Inspired!

Mermaid fever has reached an all time high around here with the girlies.  They have at least 10 mermaid Barbies in the bath, countless books (this is the most recent-spent a pretty penny on that book!), tshirts, movies...they even found an Australian show on Netflix called "Just Add Water" that they have been watching non-stop (they have blazed through 20 episodes, and I'm not gonna lie-I watch them too).  I'm pretty sure I kind of inadvertently passed on my own childhood love of mermaids to them one way or another.  I mean I never really have grown out of it!  Here are a few "grown-up" fashion picks inspired by those beautiful, mysterious, mythical ladies...because when is a better time than summer to tap into your inner mermaid?
Clutch (what I imagine a mermaid fin is like!)


  1. My favorite is that Skinny Dip bangle!

  2. I seriously have a "mermaid" gift for you on my desk at home... It's been there for like a month. For serious I need to get it in the mail to you! Especially after this post! :)