Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

Hey peeps! Ugh, I am so glad the weekend is over-I was sick as a freaking dog with a sinus infection, which are just wrong in the first place, but especially so in 100* weather.  Not to downplay Father's Day, which was lovely despite my illness.  I even had some Mango Margaritas to try and drink the illness away. Not sure it quite worked, but hey I was desperate.  A word for those of you who suffer from sinus infections/sinus headaches/allergies like I do: invest in a steam inhaler!! It seriously has changed my life.  Nothing relieves the pressure-no amount of medicine, no heating pads, no neti pots (I can't stand those things) can better than a steam inhaler. For reals.  You will immediately feel a release of the pressure after only a few minutes of using one.  I also add drops of eucalyptus oil to the water in my machine, which assists in the process of opening up and clearing out the sinuses.   Not only will you notice immediate results, but it will definitely shorten the amount of time that you are sick.  I use the mabis steam inhaler if you are interested ( I also bought the facial attachment) and this eucalyptus essential oil.

Alright, on to our inspirations...this bedroom is so gorgeous and serene-I wouldn't mind spending a sick weekend in there!

This outfit is so good! Boyfriend jeans-you can't go wrong my friends.  

I must try this recipe for Croque Monsieurs.  They look divine!

Have a sweet day all!


  1. Thanks for the steamer tip - I think I've told you how bad Ryan's sinuses get. I sent him the link and hopefully he'll try it out. He hasn't tried the netti pot thing but it kind of freaks him out so I think he'll be happy for an alternative! Glad you're feeling better - I've had a headache for a few days and it sucks :(

  2. I hope you are feeling better! That's no fun at all especially when the weather is so hot. Love these inspirations. That bedroom is gorgeous! And I love that cute casual look!

  3. I think that you should check out whether or not you really have allergy/sinus issues, or whether it is actually migraine headaches. I always thought that I had terrible allergies because I always get sinus headaches, then when I was tested and wasn't allergic to anything my allergist told me about sinus migraine headaches caused by overactive nerves near the sinus cavities. Mine seem mostly caused by weather - when it gets really hot (this weekend was terrible), when the barometric pressure changes, etc. Once I got off all the various allergy pills, nasal inhalers, etc, my headaches seem to be a little less often, but sometimes sinus rinses still do help. Good luck!

    1. Thank you for the comment Jenny! You know, I have always gotten sinus headaches around the times of a storm coming in, or really high temps, so that sounds a lot like what you are talking about. I would love to ask you some questions about it, so if you get a chance email me. Thanks!