My Hair Color Inspiration: "Bronde"

I had a few inquiries to my hair color after yesterday's post.  I just got it done last Friday, and I am happy to say I think I finally found the perfect formula for coloring my hair.  I've had a few unfortunate "skunk" highlights and a period when I thought a brassy shade of copper was a good idea.  But those days (and those stylists) are behind me now! My inspiration lately has been something in between blonde and brown-aka "bronde".  Here are some of my pins that I had saved as examples for my stylist-who happens to be on pinterest now, so I just tagged her on some of them! How cool is that?!

So what she came up with was to mix three different shades and do a heavy weave of them (when they put the foil all over)-a dark brown, a lighter more amber colored brown, and then a blonde.  I asked her only to put the blond on the underneath layers because I didn't want super chunky, noticeable streaks, I wanted them to blend seamlessly with the rest.  I'm sure it is more complicated on her end, but that is what I knew of the whole equation!

My cut inspiration was this Fearne Cotton cut.  Overall I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out!  


  1. this is the first time ive ever heard this word, you are such a trendsetter. it looks gorgeous!

  2. I love all of their hair styles/colors! Bronde...love it! And you're hair looks great :)

  3. Your hair color and cut are great. I am now following your hairstyle page on pinterest.

  4. Such a cute cut! I've been looking around for inspiration for shaping my shoulder length hair...