Sweet Find: Julep Maven Sneak Peek Boxes!

You know how sometimes all of a sudden you hear or see something you had never heard of before several times over the course of a week? You think, "Have I been living under a rock?"  That is what happened to me this week when I started seeing Julep nail products in my instagram feeds and on stylish bloggers' fingertips.  I marched my happy self right over to the website and signed up for their "Sneak Peek Boxes".  

For $19.99 a month you receive over $40 worth of nail polish and mani/pedi products, customized to your style profile. I am a nail polish fiend, so this is perfect for me! There is a quiz you take at the beginning to determine your style, although you can switch to whichever products you like best before ordering.  My quiz came up "Classic with a Twist", but I preferred the "Boho Glam" selection so I ordered that.  I found a coupon code online to get your first month for only $5: simply enter "INTRO5" at checkout!

Check it out an let me know what you think!


  1. i wanted to do this so badly but they don't ship to micronesia. :-( boo! enjoy what i can't dear friend!