My Favorite Target Hair & Beauty Buys

As a stay at home mom, my beauty routine is fairly simple and straightforward. I can't spend an hour doing my hair and makeup in the morning, nor do I want to.  I would prefer to sleep in an extra hour thankyouverymuch.  Despite my preference for extra beauty sleep, I do still want to look halfway decent during the day, so here are my favorite hair and beauty products that I use on an almost daily basis to help me look pulled together.  All of these products can be found at your local Target store!

This is the trifecta of amazing hair products.  Nothing gets my hair straighter or sleeker than these products.  I have the kind of wavy, frizzy hair that needs to be blown dry and straightened to look halfway decent, and even after all of that it can end up looking frizzy and tangled again after 30 minutes.  Once I started using these products, my straight hair actually stays straight.  Like, all day.  Miracle of miracles.

During the week when I am on full-blown mom duty, I usually end up throwing my hair in a ponytail halfway through the day to get it off my face.  I love these new 2-in-1s from Goody.  With the sleek little addition of a gold or silver band, they now look a little better in my hair or thrown on my wrist for safe-keeping.  I've even got compliments on them from people who thought they were bracelets!

I spray this on after my shower when my hair is still wet.  It works as a great de-tangler and a heat protectant from my hairdryer and flatiron.  It can also be used on dry hair, so if I blow dry at night, then flatiron in the morning, I spray more on then.

Another item I use between shampoos is the Tresemme Dry shampoo.  I like to skip a day between shampoos if I can, just because it takes so long to do my hair.  On those days, a spray of the dry shampoo freshens my hair right up!

Again, I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to my makeup routine.  These are products I use daily, for nights out I add a few extras to the mix.

I have never mastered the art of a liquid eyeliner, so I like to think of this as the version for dummies.  Goes on a bit smoother than a pencil, and blends really well.  I like the little smudge tip that is on the other end to help get the smoky eye look when wanted.

This is great because it has two sides-one that matches your skin tone to cover blemishes, etc. The other side has a more yellow tone to help nuetralize your dark under-eye circles.  A must-have for me!

My favorite mascara. Period.

This offers great coverage, yet still seems light.  I hate it when foundation feels like it is caked on.  And yes, I use #115, which is basically made for ghosts.

(Not on the Target website for some reason, but in stores)

The perfect pinky/peachy tone that adds a sweet flush to your cheeks.  It doesn't overwhelm my pale complexion, which is hard to find in a blush.  This was recommended by my Carmindy Beauty app, and since I bought it I don't go a day without wearing it.

The perfect combo-I use the lightest color only during the week, then for nights out I use the other two shades to highlight and add drama.  It really is the only eye shadow I need.

(Also not on the Target website for some reason)

I recently read a Rachel Bilson interview in which she cited this grade school favorite as a staple in her cosmetic bag to this day.  So I ran out to try it, because when the Bilson speaks I listen.  Turns out her enthusiasm for the product is legit.  I love the slight color and sheen it gives to my lips and of course it smells yummy!  Perfect to swipe on in the morning to look a little more polished.  And under $1 to boot!

What are your favorite beauty products to use on a daily basis? I would love to get some new recommendations!


  1. Love these recos... I'm going to try that shampoo and conditioner and the eyeliner. I just bought some new "split end" shampoo (I'm desperate - growing my hair out is killing it!) so maybe I'll try the two of them every other wash or something.

  2. I love Dr. Pepper lip balm! I also always keep a Burt's Bees lip balm with me. And I use the Tresemme Heat Tamer spray - mostly on my hair when it is dry, before I straighten in. I have always been a Cover Girl make-up girl...

  3. I loved this post! So fun to see your faves!

  4. I just started using the same shampoo and conditioner and really like it so far!

  5. I heard great things about the Organix Moroccan Aragan Oil too and so when Walgreens was having their buy one get one free for that line, I stocked up!

  6. I took your advice and went to wally world and snagged some bottles of the Organix Oil shampoo and conditioner. I was excited to see the conditioner came with a free sample of the oil so I was set. After one wash my hair was SO soft - I added in the oil and let my hair air dry. I have wavy, what I call 80's curl hair. It dried with very little frizz. While I still wouldn't wear it that natural, I loved that I didn't have to fret about frizz at the top when I pulled it in a pony tail. SUCH a great steal. Thanks for posting this, I'm in love with the product!

    I'm totally purchasing the oil this week! Consider me converted and happy - I have been eyeing up the brand name Moroccan Oil stuff but didn't want to spend that much on a product, this is a perfect happy medium.

    I just wish I would have remember the Dr. P lip balm... next week, I'll snag it! ox