Sweet Obsessions: Color-Block Sandals for Spring!

I saw the cuuuuutest pair of color block sandals at Target the other day.  They were in camel and neon yellow and I wanted them so bad.  But they were for kids. No way my size 8 feet would ever squeeze in a children's size.  Boo.  So I went home and searched online for adult versions, and turns out there are some cute ones for us too.

What style shoe do you have on your Spring wish list?  


  1. Hopefully Target will get a similar adult version! I love their little girl shoes right now - so cute! I love all of these styles for spring - the more color the better!

  2. So cute! One of these pairs needs to find its way into my closet soon.

  3. Love these, they would go with everything! I like pic #1 bottom left.

  4. love the Vince Camuto version!
    this is such a great and totally wearable trend!