On The Hunt: The Perfect Houseplant

Who: My little brother/ loyal Sweetie Pie fan (okay, I threw that last part in there)
What: A plant/planter to set atop his new dresser:

I personally love Ikea for houseplants and planters.  They have a nice selection at really great prices. I've also found that they are pretty durable-I'm not the best at taking care of houseplants, and the ones I buy from Ikea last longer than those bought elsewhere.

I picked out a few options, all from Ikea to match the modern look of the dresser:


A gray or silver look to the planter matches the knobs on the dresser.  A small little tree will add a shot of fresh green color and life to the room.

Or, instead of a tree, he could always go with an orchid.  I think they are versatile to any space. (Plus, he lives with his girlfriend, so it adds a feminine touch for her.)


Lastly, I think a terrarium would be another great option.  These make great DIY projects!
Terrarium images: apartment therapy, craftster.org, decorative home interior, offbeat bride , score + solder

Hope you like my ideas little bro!!

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  1. IKEA seriously has SUCH cute little plants! I got a pair of the first ones to go on my mantle last time I was there and loved them. Unfortunately, the heat and dry-ness (and perhaps my lack of watering) killed them up there. I just went to my local nursery, but didn't find anything as cute!

    Also, Madewell's blog has a post today about DIY terrariums. Perfect timing!