On The Hunt for Holly: A Fun & Fresh New Purse!

Who: My sweet friend & blogger Holly
What: A new purse
How: Fun and fresh, $200 budget. Likes colors and prints!

Okay Holly, I went a little buck-wild.  And I could have kept going. And I will if none of these float your boat!

Top-great color
Bottom Left -this comes in a rainbow of colors. click through to see them all.
Bottom Right. A Foley + Corinna, one of my favorite brands.  If I had the dough I would definitely buy one of these.

top left-this is the same purse as the turquoise one in the first set. I really like it!
top right-love the fun two-tone lime & aua of this bag and the fun clasp on front.
bottom left-a great chevron print that doesn't totally scream "chevron". Does that make sense?? Ha!
bottom right-love the long tassels on the zippers

top left- This is a Matt & Nat bag-a great brand that is environmentally friendly-all bags are vegan and the liners made with 100% recycled plastic bottles. Thought you might appreciate that Holly :)
top right-I am in love with this color!
bottom left-mint is great this season and very versatile. 
bottom right -I am loving the prints Fossil has for their spring line-you can see the rest if you click thorough the link.

The Marc Jacobs Medium Tate bag is a fave.  They come in great colors and patterns!

My pick: love this geometric/slightly tribal print on this Cynthia Vincent bag!  There is a canvas tote in the same print as well.
bottom left-love the subtle chain detailing
bottom right -another MJ Tate in fun polka dots

I hope some or one of these work for you Holly!

If you would like to participate in On The Hunt, please see all the details here.  It's as easy as sending me an email and is absolutely free!


  1. AHHH you are the best!!!!!!!! I love all the picks but I think I can narrow it down to 5! with the 2 front runners being the fushia lucky brand bag (hot hot color!) and the gray mat and nat bag, of course i love its enviro friendly!

    thank you jackie!

  2. so many nice options! i like the gray mat & nat

  3. Now you have me wanting a new purse, okay maybe a few new purses.