On The Hunt: Casual Maxi Dress

Who: Sweet reader Kristen
What: A dress comaprable to this one:

Source: shopbop.com via Kristen on Pinterest

How: Under $50, in black or gray with long or short sleeves.

Okay Kristen, I have to say your challenge has been the hardest so far.  I searched and searched, using all my secret resources and sorcery and still couldn't find a good match.  I fear I have failed you my dear.  But to not leave you totally hanging, here are three that just may work.

Now, unfortunately these are all short dresses, but with Spring and summer coming I thought perhaps you would consider them.  They all have short to mid length sleeves, and the tie at the waist.  That was the detail that made it so hard to find something similar to the inspiration dress. 

Now I am asking you, fellow readers, to please help me and Kristen out.  If you happen to find anything similar to what she is looking for, leave me a link in the comments or send me an email.  Because I am officially on a never-ending mission to find the perfect option!  I will not rest until Kristen is sporting herself the perfect casual maxi dress!

If you are interested in participating in "On The Hunt", please read full instructions here.  I would love to help you out!


  1. Jackie- you are AWESOME! I truly love the dresses you found...especially number two! $15??? Wow! Thank you for all the time you put into this hunt!

  2. Short, but only 12.95...


    Over the budget, but long...


    Also over budget, but pretty much perfect...