Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

Happy Monday my sweets!  Enjoy a little inspiration this morning...

Love this sweet little nook designed by Windsor Smith.  The rest of the home isn't too shabby either.

opening ceremony boots + opaque black tights + tip of a black jacket = all kinds of yes

I heart succulents, and apparently they can heart me right back!  Love this idea.

And you can buy this sweet slice of wood turned chalkboard at Olive Manna, an awesome online shop that I would glady accept anything from.

An avocado smoothie people. How have I never heard of these?

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  1. I always love your Monday morning posts - fun to see what you are digging. I just planted some succulents with the kids this weekend... errr, they picked them out and I planted them. They are a fun addition to the house and luckily need little water - because I'm known for forgetting to water house plants!