Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

Well, we spent another weekend "unplugged". No internets for me.  It makes me realize just how addicted to it I really am.  And I find that ridiculous.  And I think to myself  "shame on you!". And then Monday morning I hurry out to the computer in the morning to devour whatever it is I "missed".  Only to find that I didn't really miss much of anything, so what was all the fuss about? Hmm.

So what I did do a lot of this weekend is work out in the yard.  It is warm here folks, unseasonably warm.  I'm talking birds are out chirpin and bees are out buzzin.  Has me dreaming of glorious outdoor spaces like the ones below.  Enjoy.

Source: acehotel.com via Jackie on Pinterest


  1. Those are some dreamy backyards that I wouldn't mind having magically appear at my house this spring!

    And good job with the internet thing....I should really do that...

  2. yay for your unplugged weekends! That would be like IMPOSSIBLE for me. I love all this garden inspiration and am so jealous of how warm it is in Cali - no fair! Did you see the recent Architectural Digest? I don't usually pick it up, but it had a bunch of celeb homes in it and one featured an amazing garden. I was sitting in the airport reading it and getting inspired and thinking how proud you and Maggie would have been :) Getting my home inspiration on.

  3. Such pretty outdoors pictures! It made me groan when I saw that gorgeous succulent planter made from the fountain--what a good idea! I gave mine away because the cats kept drinking the yucky water!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. i figure that as long as i'm getting a good balance in life then my online time is okay. but kudos to you for going unplugged for the weekend. i love your blog and these pictures are gorgeous. i'm especially drawn to the architecture over that fireplace in the second to last photo. i've never seen anything like it!

  5. I know that feeling of beeing unplugged, but sometimes this is important i guess.
    I just died a little bit while looking at your pictures...It looks so warm and nice while I am sitting here with outside -10° (i'm from europe)