Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

We had a very productive weekend here at the house.  Cleaned out the garage and put up a medicine cabinet in the bathroom. We went on a wild goose chase to get the medicine cabinet I wanted-4 stores later we finally got the last one that was in stock of what I wanted.  Only to come home, open it gleefully and then find it broken. Boo.  So we returned it and got a more boring one instead (you should know the extent of my crazy-the only thing different was the knob, but seriously a knob can make or break the whole darn thing!!).  We also tried out a new policy that my husband instated-no technology (ie-internet, instagram, etc) on the weekends.  We tried it out on Sunday and I must say it was a nice break-I may have cheated a little with instagram though.  Baby steps.  So from now on I won't be "around" on the weekends.  And that feels really quite nice.  How did your weekend shape up?

This is eye candy to the max.  Love the room, her outfit, the floral arrangement...perfect!

I need to make this asian slaw...and stuff my face silly.

Here's the perfect cozy cute patio to bring out lunch and enjoy the sunshine.



  1. no technology on the weekend eh, that would be HARD. no twitter even! gah.

    i want to make that asian slaw too.

  2. Good job getting things done around the house! I SO need to do this:-)

  3. yay for productive weekends! I've been eyeing that asian slaw too... looks super yummy and farmers market friendly.