Interior Infatuation: Sonoma Charmer

My post title totally sounded like a real estate ad, didn't it?  So here I am again posting another charming little country home as my latest interior infatuation.  I'm such a one-trick pony lately.  Or to spin it positively I just know what I like.  

Have you guys been watching the Bachelor?  If not, a quick background: homeboy is from Sonoma, so they had some of the first dates there, and I swear Sonoma must have paid him for each time he said the town name.  He pretty much said "This is my hometown of Sonoma, which is very near and dear to my heart" about 50 times in one episode.  I'm all for hometown spirit, and Sonoma gives you plenty of reasons to love it, but come on!!  The fifth grader inside me yelled at the screen "If you love it so much, why don't you marry it?!?"  At least it would save him the trouble of weeding through loads of annoying women and one doomed-from-the start engagement.  

Wait-what was the point of this post again?  Oh yeah, this little charmer:


I love the background story to this home: the couple were living in Seattle 8 years ago, and wanting a change thought to themselves "Where do we want to end up in the future?"  Their answer was Sonoma, so they decided "Why wait?" and set out hunting for a new home there.  The one they found was this one, which was once a cookshack and pretty much in shambles.  I love, love LOVE when someone has the vision and resources to spruce something up and just goes for it.   The icing on the cake is that this home is located only a few blocks from downtown Sonoma, which is one of the most idyllic, quaint little town squares I have ever had the fortune of meandering.  It is very near and dear to my heart... have I heard that somewhere before?

images via Sunset, from the February 2012 issue.


  1. Oh my goodness! This home is adorable! I am especially liking what they did in that little bathroom. Those shelves are awesome!

  2. Wowzas. I'm in love with it, too. The location couldn't get any better, but the house is yummy all around. I love the galley kitchen and the bathroom. I can just see myself and a glass of wine by that pool, too. Will be pinning some of these for sure!

  3. This is darling and what a restoration and that yellow door....well that's the icing on the cake. perfection.

  4. i need to paint my house gray and paint my front door yellow. stat.

  5. this house is amazing - i want to take a dip in the pool and then curl up in front of the fireplace right. this. second.
    thanks for sharing this great inspiration

  6. Srsly, how can I convince John that our house needs to be gray? And transplanted to Sonoma? How???