Interior Infatuation: Country Eclectic

The image below has been making it's way around my pinterest circles and I found it too good to not share here.  I feel like I don't post as many interiors as I used to- when I see something circulating pinterest I feel like it is old news.  But then I wonder how many of you are actually over there seeing the same stuff I am.  So my questions for you are: are you on pinterest? Have you seen these images too much already too?  Or do you still enjoy seeing pictures of pretty rooms here on my blog?

That pink table base!! and I am always enamored with a built-in breakfast nook.

When I see a room that really wows me, I always try and hunt down the original source so I can see more of the room. In this case, it was an Apartment Therapy tour. The rest of the house did not dissapoint. My other favorite room was their living space:

Light and bright with great textiles.  

You should definitely check out the rest of their home-very inspiring.  They have a hot pink wall in their garden!!


  1. wow, thanks for sharing jackie, amazing. I haven't seen this but am on my way to the whole tour now!! so good!!!!!

  2. I love seeing the pictures on your blog. Although on Pinterest every day you seem to capture beautiful stuff I have not seen. Keep the pictures coming girl!
    I too am headed to check out the rest of the tour. :)

  3. I'd love to live in a house that looks like this!! LOVE the pink table base.