DIY Floral Antlers

Last year I found these antlers at an antique fair for $20.  I'd been wanting a pair for many many moons and was happy to find such a great deal.  I knew I wanted to give them a face-lift though.  The tacky forest green velvet and dark wood-grain plaque weren't workin for me.  

I put it on the back burner for awhile, but pondered on what I would do to spruce it up.

Then one day it clicked.  I took inspiration from one of my favorite photographers, Kari Herer:

This has long been one of my favorite prints of hers.

Here is how I re-interpreted it for my own:

This could not have been easier.  I simply covered the antlers with plastic bags (I used Target ones-they are nice and thick and never have holes!), taping them tightly around the base so no spray paint would get leak through.  Next I spray painted the base plaque with several coats of white glossy spray paint.

I found a big giant flower at Joanne's for $5, cut off the stem with scissors, and hot glued it right on top of the green velvet.  I was worried about it not adhering well, but so far so good!

A super simple project that costs next to nothing.  Let me know if you try it out for yourself! 


  1. i love this jackie!!!!!! it looks identical!

  2. Wow.... very clever! The flower makes them truly beautiful. They remind me of Georgia O'Keefe a little bit. Thanks for sharing at Refresh Your Nest Friday over on Making Lemonade, and hope to see you back tomorrow. Your blog, and blog design, is fabulous, by the way!