On My Radar

Just a few things I'm eyeing lately...to click "buy" or not??

Heart ring-so adorable. Love the peach & gold, and pretty much the most fun you can get for $1.50.
Cropped chinos- great color, the only problem is there are no back pockets.  And my ghetto booty can't handle no back pockets.
Polka dot messenger-I have fallen hard for this!!
Studded shoes-the cheaper version of my beloved Sam Edelman's.
Tufted dots sweater-the little fringe is so fun!
Hippo earrings- I don;t know what it is, but I have a thing for quirky little animal earrings.  Betsey Johnson makes the best. Orange hippos? Sold!

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, cute picks! I have those pants in red and they really are comfortable! Love the purple, may have to snag those!

    xo Mary Jo