On The Hunt for Jessica: Work Bag

Who: Reader Jessica
What: New work bag
Why: Needs one to help her stay more organized
How:  Satchel style, preferably with separate compartments, no top zipper (for easier access), and can be worn on shoulder.  Must look professional and classic, and work well in all seasons.  Under $150. 

Thanks for writing in Jessica!  There were loads of options out there to weed through, and I think 
I have found a few that will work well according to your specifications.

Since it needs to work well with a variety of outfits, as well as work across seasons, I suggest sticking with a basic black or brown/tan bag.  These will work all year round and will go with virtually any outfit.  And yes, I think you can mix a black bag with brown shoes, clothing/ vice-versa.

Bottom Left (this comes with a shoulder strap): Co-Lab Satchel $96
Bottom right: Aldo Lafredo $55

Bottom right: Aldo Satchel $55

All of the websites show additional views of the bags, including the inside, so make sure you click through to check them out.  Many also come in additional colors that you can choose from.

I hope this helps!!

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