Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

I'm enjoying another day home with the family thanks to MLK Day...much needed.  I'm still waking up every morning with either a sinus headache or sore throat thanks to this weird virus I've had since December.  Not to mention all the coughing all day long.  Ugh.  I would love to be operating at full capacity sometime soon body.  You hear me?? Get it together!!  Look, I'll even show you some pretty pictures to bribe you...

I am loving this fresh color of green for Spring. I think it's going to be everywhere.  Hopefully in my closet, for starters.

This. Kitchen. My. God.

So it has been sunny here in Cali practically all winter. It's relatively cold though (as far as we are concerned-although we prob could get away with wearing tshirts and sandals if we were really crazy.)  You would think it would make the winter more tolerable, but really, it has me wishing it werejustspringalreadyjeesh! I can't wait to get back out in the garden. Isn't this patio an absolute dream?


Have a sweet day!


  1. I'm loving that specific shade of green, especially in that dress!! Can't wait for Spring.


  2. that top photo..you and me both! gah, i want that in my closet now.