Let's Do This 2012!!

Let's hear it gals, how were your New Year's Eve celebrations??  I snapped the insta above after midnight, and while it looks like a wild party was had, such is not the case.  I'm still under the weather...boo.  But looking forward to the fresh start of 2012 for sure!

This little fortune I got the other day seems to be a good resolution of sorts, no?
  "Seize from every moment it's uniqueness".  
I'm going to try and do just that! 
Have you made any resolutions?  I'd love to hear what you are looking forward to this year. 

Happy 2012!!

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  1. Happy NEW YEAR!! Woo hoo! Sorry you are under the weather a bit :( - I had that the week before Christmas. But here is to a fabulous year!