Ebook Review: Design Demystified by Maggie Rose Interiors + Special Bonus Offer!

My dear friend Maggie of Maggie Rose Interiors just released a new ebook this week titled "Design Demystified", and let me tell you, it absolutely lives up to it's name! I am so excited to share this with you guys because I know you will love it, and it will become something that you can turn to again and again when making design decisions for your home.

In the ebook Maggie shares over 90 tips in these main areas of design:

Space Planning

Her attention to detail is what really blew me away with all these tips.  Where as I see a room and think, "Now that's a pretty room",  Maggie sees and identifies all the details that help make the room look so pretty in the first place.

For example, I see a zebra rug in a room and think "that looks good there". In "Design Demystified" Maggie gives us the design background as to why it looks good there:

Now it makes much more sense and I would know how and where to use one properly in my space.  You can only imagine the nuggets of wisdom she imparts with over 90 individual tips (14 pages) like this!

Another thing that I found useful about the ebook is that the majority of the tips can be applied to your home right away, without having to buy anything new!  I plan on pouring over them again this weekend and putting more than a few into place in my own home.  

You can get your copy of "Design Demystified" right here, available for immediate download, for only $14.  As a bonus, the first 5 readers to order a copy will be sent a free copy of Maggie's first ebook "101 Things to Put In Apothecary Jars".  Simply enter "Sweetie Pie Style" in the notes to seller section when checking out on Paypal and Maggie will send it your way.

As Maggie says in her ebook, "Design doesn't have to be a mystery...so happy decorating!"

images via "Design Demystified"


  1. I just bought this book and CANNOT WAIT to dig in! Thank you for sharing your friends book and boy will this help me stay busy on this gloomy day. :)

  2. This is the best possible review I could have hoped for! I'm so glad you loved the book and felt it useful. Thank you for sharing with your readers! xo Maggie