Winter Skin & Beauty Tips

Ahh, winter skin, where do I even begin?  I have dry skin on a usual basis, so once winter unleashes it's skin-damaging fury, it gets really bad.  My excema flares up on my hands and my knuckles crack and bleed.  Too much info? Sorry. I'm just trying to illustrate the point on my dire situation over here. Get a little sympathy maybe.  I've tried countless products and creams over the years, and I have to say that one of my tried-and-true go-to's is good ol' Vaseline.  A lot of other lotions burn my cracked skin when I put them on-even the ones labeled for sensitive skin.  Then the hydration only lasts a few minutes before I feel like I need to re-apply.  No thanks.  Vaseline glides on nice and smooth, doesn't burn and leaves my skin feeling hydrated for hours.  I was recently contacted to do a review of Vaseline products, in light of their new super cute mini-pots of Vaseline Lip Therapy. 

They are the perfect size to pop in your purse!  I've been using mine like crazy, and my lips are pleasantly soft and moisturized.  They have also been a life-saver when I am out and about (especially in the shivering cold mornings dropping Natalie off at school) and I start to feel that bitter sting of my hands drying out.  I just rub a little on the sore spots and I get instant relief.

  There are lots of other great uses for Vaseline as well, here are a few of my favorites:

-Turn lipsticks into glosses by mixing in some Vaseline
-Remove stubborn red lipstick by applying Vaseline to a cloth and rubbing your lips gently
-Exfoliate lips by applying Vaseline and then brushing with a toothbrush
-Tame eyebrows by applying Vaseline and brushing into place
-Use it to soothe your skin after plucking your eyebrows
-Mix with loose eye shadow to create a creamy blush
-Apply on feet and put on socks before bed to moisturize overnight
-Works great as a cuticle moisturizer
-Use a dab to smooth your ponytail for a sleek look
-Add a dab to ends of hair to help hide appearance of split-ends
-Create a body scrub by mixing sea salt with Vaseline
...the list goes on and on.

I'm all for a simple, inexpensive product with multiple uses!

Additionally, I was sent a sample of the new Q-tips Precision Tips:

I love me some Q-tips, and most definitely use them how you are advised not to-oh hello there eardrums!  Shh, don't tell.  But I also use them the way they advise, and I think this new precision tip is genius.  I have always soaked Q-tips in nail polish remover to help erase the mistakes of my at-home manicure (you'd be surprised at my lack of hand-eye coordination).  With these new Precision Tips my manicure is now, well, much more precise!  It gets much closer to my nail than original Q-tips did, so this is now in my manicure essentials.

Here are a few more great uses:

-Great for all makeup application
-Use to soften bright or too heavily applied makeup
-Fix makeup smudges by dipping tip in makeup remover, then on area you want to remove
-Great for creating the "smoky eye" look by smudging your eyeliner
-To soften lip liner, apply with a dot dot dash pattern, then use the Q-tip to blend
-Create on-the-go applications of eyeshadow: roll the Q-tip in your shadow, store in a baggie, then use when needed! Love this!
-Use to apply anti-wrinkle cream directly to creases (yeah, I'm in that category now, boo)

Yet another simple and inexpensive product with loads of handy uses.  What is also great is you can find both of these products easily at your local drug store, Target, Walmart, grocery store, etc.  No need to be running around to specialty shops or ordering online.  And you know me, if I can't get it at Target I seriously re-consider if I need it.  Ha!

So are you an avid Vaseline and Q-tip user?   What are your favorite tips?

I was provided with Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly, Vaseline® Lip Therapy Original®, Q-tips® Precision Tips™, a $25 gift card and information about the products by RocketXL. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Ryan was recently diagnosed with excema on his hands too, so I'll have to suggest that to him! In high school I was obsessed with experimenting with makeup and used to mix vaseline with eyeshadow to make a creamy eyeshadow with a brighter pigment. When I was in middle school (before my mom let me wear mascara, only pale blue eyeshadow!) I would put vaseline on my lashes to make them look darker. Ahaha! Such a weird kid.

  2. those vaseline lip things are SO CUTE! i might need to get one.