Still Shopping? Don't Forget To Check My Holiday Gift Guides!

Still Shopping for Christmas?  (Don't worry, I am too)  Make sure to check out my Holiday Gift Guides!

I've got the lowdown on everyone you need to buy for: baby, kids, gals and guys!

Have a wonderful weekend!  We'll be making the pilgrimage to Disneyland on Monday, so I won't really be around these parts.  I will definitely be taking lots of instagram pics though, so follow me at JackieofSPS to see them!  I also have a little side-bar badge that shows a small snippet of my most current instas.

Also, two of my blog buddies have whipped up posts for you, so on Monday and Tuesday they will be here visiting.  Have a wonderful weekend and see you next Thursday!

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  1. I want that little hot air balloon on your gift guide. Have fun in Disneyland!