Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

Okay my peeps, are you ready for another week? I'm not quite sure I am, we had such a nice little holiday event filled weekend. Making some holiday crafts and a gingerbread house, driving around to see Christmas lights, a little shopping, a Christmas party where I had one too many gingerbread martinis...the works.  We won't be able to enjoy this much longer. Eek!  And next Monday we are off to Disneyland, I can't believe that it has come so fast.  I don't have any guest posts lined up for you, mainly because I was too lazy to coordinate all that, but I think what I may do is a little re-run week of some of my favorite past posts. I have four years to choose from you know! Let's get on with the show now shall we...

Well hello there little fur-lined hammock, nice to meet you.

Adore this entry vignette-look at all the layers! Console, bench and vintage looking trough, maybe? All filled with books. And the lanterns make such a statement.

I need this framed and in my house, although I could not find the original link. Wondering if it is from a vintage prinatbles site? TinEye failed me again, leading me only to a French wiki page. Ugh!

*UPDATE: I found a seller on etsy who has an 8X10 of this print for $22. Find it here.

Source: bhg.com via Jackie on Pinterest

If I had an open fireplace I would be all over this.

Have a sweet day!


  1. I have also tried to find that print without success! I would love to know if you find the source and I'll do the same!

  2. @modern jane-I will definitely let you know if I can track it down! It's my new mission :)