Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

Well folks, it's December 5th, which means there are only 20 more days left to prepare for Christmas!  We are taking the girls to Disneyland this year for their present, so we don't have much shopping to do.  Santa will take care of a few little trinkets I'm sure, but other than that we are pretty set.  The adults don't really exchange presents, and my husband and I kind of just buy whatever we want for ourselves. Nice and easy!  But for those of you still hunting for the perfect gift, I have more gift guides heading your way this week.  Right now though, let's just get inspired...

I am so obsessed with this wallpaper. I'm thinking it is just the thing my boring hallway needs.  Don't you think I could totally free-hand a pattern like that?

This room is so soothing, yet sexy.  Great color palette, and I love all the natural touches like the geode and coral.

I love the simplicity of this winter arrangement-white lights & pinecones down in the vase, with bare branches dripping with iciles on top. Easy and pretty!

This vanilla pear vodka cocktail needs to get in my belly...not right now though, maybe on Friday night.



  1. that vanilla pear vodka cocktail looks divine.

    20 days! ACK thanks for the countdown!

  2. ohhhhhhh that wallpaper IS gorgeous! What a fun little project for a powder room. and those pear cocktails DO look good... I need a new winter cocktail (mojito was my summer drink and it doesn't seem right drinking those in the winter).