Holiday Gift Guide: Kids

Now on to some fun finds for the special little boy or girl in your life!

girls holiday gift guide

1.   Miss Lina's Ballerina Book
I always love to gift a pretty little book because I don't think you can ever have too many.

2. Leopard Gloves 
Ooh la la! These gloves are adorable!

3.  Faux Fur Animal Hood
Also known as the "Spirit Hood" that blasted on the scene last year.  I think they are pretty smart-it's like a hat, scarf and mittens all-in-one!

4.  Pink Poncho
So your little one can be on top of the trend.

5.  Friendship Bracelet Kit
Make sure you have her make one for you!

6.  "Two Friends" Doll
A quirky, colorful little friend.

7.  "I Heart Cupcakes" Watch
Bling out her wrist.

8.  Woodland Princess Jigsaw Puzzle
This is a 24 piece puzzle perfect for ages 3 and up.

boys holiday gift guide

1. Adidas Hoodie
A classic cold-weather cool-kid staple.

2.  Spiked Backpack
Try stealing lunch money from this, class bully!

3.  Skeleton Gloves
Warm hands, cold bones.

4.  Striped Bow tie
For the Dapper Dan.

5.  Tony Hawk Skateboard
Get him outside for some exercise.

6.  Mustache Kit
This would make for some giggles for sure!

7.  Remote Control Spaceman
Because remote control airplanes are so last year.

8.  DVD player with Personalized Case
Perfect for the family on the go.

More to come tomorrow!

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