Holiday Gift Guide-The Guys

Alrighty folks, here is my shot at some fun things to get for guys.  I don't know, is shopping for guys as boring for you as it is for me??  I tried my best to find some interesting, gift-worthy items here, but after my husband peeped them he told me they weren't "mature enough" picks.  So, I guess keep these in mind for your teenage brother....

holiday gift guide-guys

1. "Strip Tea" coasters
Hahahahaaaa!  The end.

2. Ben Sherman Military Jacket
I like this because it's a bit different. Great color, great detailing, and is made of a unique coated cotton.

3. Night Smoke Soap
This just sounded bad ass.

4. Abe Lincoln Mug
Nothing beats a good dose of Honest Abe in the mornin'.

5. Power Saw Pizza Cutter

6. Leather Skull Keychain
This is from crewcuts, but I don't know any dudes who would even know what that meant, so I think you are safe.

7. WeWood Wooden Watch
It's wood! And it's a watch!

8. iPad Arcade Cabinet
You stick your iPad in here and it creates an old-school arcade game! Comes with a free Atari app. I kinda want one of these! Guess I need an iPad first though...

And if you want to know my husband's opinion on what a mature manly gift is: a good bottle of whiskey and something nice for his desk at work.  And there you have it.

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