Guest Post: Maggie of Maggie Rose Interiors

Hi there, Sweeties! It's Maggie from Maggie Rose Interiors here to help Jackie keep y'all entertained while she takes a break for the holidays. Jackie and I go way back (here's us when she visited Seattle a few years ago):


 Today I thought I'd share a client project that I recently finished up. Laura and her hubby have a bonus room that serves as an office, hangout spot, and guest room (with a pull-out couch). Their new house is much bigger than their starter-house and so their budget was on the petite size - they had a LOT of new furniture to buy for the more public rooms of the house. So I suggested some DIY's and ways to add personality and color without busting the budget.



 Thanks for checking out my work, and if you want to read more (or hire me for e-decorating!) check out my site Maggie Rose Interiors. And happy holidays!

Thanks Maggie, for sharing your work!  Check out her original design board for the room here, as well as her custom tray DIY here.

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