Sweet Obsessions: Anthropologie's Charm Necklaces

Leave it to Anthro to create the perfect charm necklace!  I have been obsessing over these since I first saw them in their catalog.  The price points are incredible and they make for such a special, personalized gift!

anthro chains

Do you prefer silver, pearl or gold?  There is something for everyone.
anthro charms
Add meaning with a great selection of symbols and items, then don't forget to add some color!

anthro charms
Make sure you personalize with initials and meaningful numbers.

anthro charms

Here is the necklace I would create. {Hint, hint hubby!}

I'd love to know which charms you would pick!


  1. Oh I saw these at the store (we just got a new one here!) and they are SO cool in person! I thought the same thing that they are such great prices too! And just perfect for gift giving and growing your charm collection over the years!

  2. I saw these in the latest catalog and squealed out loud - the real problem? Choosing which charms to get! There are soooo many and I love them all! ;)

    <3 The Daily Dani

  3. I have not seen these before! Wow, they are beautiful! I have no idea what combo I would put together; time to go check out all the options... :)

  4. We have some favs in common..LOVE that clear crystal and the feather charms:) Great picks.
    This is such a great gift idea!!
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.