Holiday Gift Guide: Tween Sister

I feel like I'm maybe a tween trapped in a 30-year-old body, because these items are always the most fun for me to pick out.  Maybe it's because the tween/early teen years were always the most fun for me creating my wish lists.  You are no longer just blindly wanting whatever the latest Barbie is, but are really starting to develop your own sense of style.  I still remember a few of my favorite (at the time!) items I got from my wish list one year when I had just turned 14- a bottle of CK1 perfume/cologne (remember it was for both sexes?! Ha!!) and some shiny black athletic-type shoes-I can't remember what brand they were, but it was something "of the moment".  Ahh, memories.  Here are a few items that would make great gifts for the tween/teen girl in your life:

Tween sister gift guide

1. The Indie Rock Poster Book, CB2
This book contains 30, 11X14" removable prints.  Perfect for the budding hipster, so she can tack them up all over her room. You can watch a cute little video showcasing some of the pages here.

2.  "Dark Forest" Bunny Drop Earrings, Betsy Johnson
Cutesy yet quirky and fun!

3.Fashion Designer Kit, Seedling
Everything needed to design, sketch and create mini-fashions.  For the aspiring Parsons student.

4.  "Exploded Katie" Brass & Acrylic bracelet, Marc Jacobs
A great bold piece in the perfect pink.

5.  "Touchpoint" Knit Glove, amazon
Gloves you can use with your touchscreen devices.  So she'll never miss a text or insta opportunity while trying to keep her hands warm.

6. "Glimmer Wonderland" 6 piece mini polish set, Sephora
Her digits will be ready for any occasion with this comprehensive color selection.

7.  "Hello Kitty Noir" 5 piece make-up brush set., Sephora
Umm, can I add this to my wishlist too? Love me some Hello Kitty.  So cute to set on your vanity!


  1. I want #3! ha ha ha! These are all so cute! I was a big fan of CK 1 too - got it every Christmas for a while there! :)

  2. I have a tween & it's so fun to buy for her :)