Work It Wednesday: Plaid

Time for another Work It Wednesday!  I've done gingham in the past, so now it's time to do his cousin, plaid.  I'm not super gaga about plaid;  I prefer it in small doses and understated colors in an outfit.  No tartan plaid for me thankyouverymuch.  It's just way too Mel Gibson in Braveheart for me.  Here are three ways I would style the pattern...

 In this outfit we have a beige plaid scarf which is a great way to incorporate a pattern.  The purse is by fossil and I saw it in person at Macy's the other day and fell in love.  I'm pondering going back to buy it.

 For this outfit I chose a classic plaid button-up, which is creeping a bit into tartan territory, but I broke it up with a soft sweater vest for over the top.

And for a fun take, try this sweater poncho from Target.  It's a great price point and will keep you warm and cozy all winter!

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  1. LOve all of these...that ring in the first and the watch in the last one are amazing!

  2. We both did plaid... bwahahaha! This is hilarious... how are we always thinking the same thing!?!?!

    Love your outfits too... all of them!

  3. I'm really not much of a plaid girl, but I actually love that second outfit. Still looks classy, but cozy and casual. A little sadness when I clicked through and saw the fabulous yellow shoes are way out of my price range.... Must find a knockoff :)

  4. love how you and Jill both did plaid - good minds! I'm not much of a plaid girl but I'm so in love with outfit #1 i reckon i could do just a little bit!


  5. Oh gosh those looks are so cute. This pear shaped girl is so glad that wide leg jeans are coming back!

  6. I LOVE the top outfit, it looks so much like something I would wear! I especially love the neutral, yet plaid scarf, need to get me one of those!
    Very cute!

  7. Yes, go go go back and get that bag! And throw in a 2nd one for moi. I'm with you on the small dose of plaid though. I fell for a plaid flannel shirt last fall but it seriously looks like I belong on a farm in it. The scarf is a much better route.

    btw, totally just bought those gray moccasins that you showed (and have since received). I feel super on top of trendiness now that I have the same shoes as you. Serious.