Sweet Obsessions: Marc Jacobs Cougar Print

I was browsing Refinery 29 the other day when I ran across this awesome Marc Jacobs backpack in a fierce cougar print :

Felt like I had to have it.

Then I kinda got obsessed.  And started looking for other stuff in the same print.

Turns out there was a lot.

And now I can't decide what I like best.

A tote bag?

A scarf?

A zipper pouch?

But wait, they have the print in clothing!!

An awesome tie front blouse!

And a saucy dress!

If I had an iphone, I'd probably go with the most affordable option and buy this case (I only have an itouch-don't judge, I can still insta, tweet and fb with the best of 'em...errr, as long as there is free wifi)

On the other hand, there is all this pretty jewelry.  Earrings and necklaces and bracelets! And all under $100! Oh my!

In the end, I think I really like my original choice, although the tote may be a more practical option for me.  I don't really see myself carrying around a backpack no matter how cute it is.

Of course just when I thought I had made up my mind I run across this great pic of Blair from Atlantic Pacific:

Nailed it!  Too bad the top is well out of my price range.  Actually it all is considering how much we've doled out for our new puppy as of late.  So in the end it will probably be another case of wishing and not getting.  But I'm okay with that.  Especially if I have convinced one of you that you need some MJ Cougar in your life.  Then I will live vicariously through you-so send me pics!


  1. I'm kind of obsessed with these animal prints too! Last week, I used them in my Work it Wednesday Challenge. And today I'm showing an outfit including a flamingo print top that I have actually had for a long time but fits just nicely with this new craze. I wouldn't know what to choose either if I were you, hehe.

  2. I think Ill join in on your obsession, LOVE. what a print.