Sweet Life Friday

No instas today, just a few pics of my flower girls and new puppy!  You know, a little momma showing off moment...

Sisterly Love

They were so excited to wear these dresses.  Pretty much every day since they arrived about a month before the wedding they asked if it was time to wear them yet.

Kara had had enough picture taking by this point.  This was her "Really mom, another pic?" face.

Our new pup Bruno's first day home.  See that little camo bunny in the back of his kennel?  He loved that thing and already tore it to shreds.  RIP camo bunny, RIP.

I adore this picture of Kara and Bruno.  This is totally them in a nutshell.  Kara is crazy and silly and loves carrying him around, and he just gives her these little puzzled yet loving looks. She kind of reminds me that little homegirl Elmyra on Tiny Toons...you know, "I'm going to hug you, and kiss you and love you forever..."  

Natalie is definitely more of the nurturing and cuddling type.  When he gets too playful it makes her a bit nervous.  But she sure loves this little guy, as we all do.  I'm not gonna lie, having a puppy is a boat load of work, and at times (like when he's peed on my floor for the umpteenth time) I feel my anxiety levels rising.  But then he gives you the sweetest little look or I hear the girls giggling with him and I know we made the right decision.

Have a sweet weekend!


  1. I love Boston Terriers. They're so full of personality and just look so funny. :) He's a cutie. But yeah- They're so much work!

  2. Oh my sister has a Boston Terrier an they are wonderful dogs. So loving an fun, he is my sisters baby till FEB when my niece arrives. They get spoiled to all the attention an love,love being cuddled an loved on, perfect for a family..

  3. Your girls are adorable! I am not much of a little dog person but I LOVE this breed! So cute!

  4. OMG now i see bruno to scale!!!!!!!!! sooooooooo cute. flipping adorable, and im not even a dog person.

    and i love the pic where kara is 'over it', and nat is clearly like, "keep snapping!" workin' it!