Sweet Life Friday

I had such a great week with my mom here visiting.  Time always flies when she is here as we do lots of fun things and spend real quality time together which is few and far between.  I am so jealous of those who have their families living in the same town.  Don't take them for granted people!  It really is the little things that I love to do with my mom: browsing Target, bringing her with me to pick up Nat from school, sitting around reading magazines and talking.  My week is a lot less lonely when she is around.

Here a few snippets from my week:


1 & 2- The wedding we went to last weekend had a black and white theme and the cake was absolutely stunning!  The bride had a custom cake topper made that was so unique-day of the dead type skulls that modeled after them.  The groom really does have a mohawk and loves soccer-too cute!

3-My girls dressed up in their flower girl garb at the reception.  They were so proud to be in their Nina's wedding! I'll be sharing the pics I took of them soon.

4- My giant 3 has lasted a long time.  Too bad the zero got popped.  Oh well, Kara has been having fun with it, and appropriately it is her age now!

5. Meet our new pup Bruno!  How can you not love that face?! This guy is just so sweet, although he has been peeing all over the damn place and gave us a health scare that cost us $150 at the vet.  But the joy he brings to the girls is already priceless.  More to come on him for sure!

6. My mom making sure our first furry friend Mookie is getting enough loving.  He was none too pleased to see a new animal face around the house.  He has nine years on this new little guy, so it is understandable he was a little weary at first.  I think he is warming up to him now.

7.  The new color I will be painting the girls' room-"Watermelon Smoothie".  Nat wanted hot pink so I'm just going for it!

8. Inspired by these color combos from a Loft ad I got in the mail.  Cherry & Sand, Fuchsia & Red, Orange & Pink, Citron & Olive and Blue & Sage.  Such yummy colors!

Have a sweet weekend!


  1. Love the sweet life post :) nice to get a glimpse at the girl behind all this glam! Bruno is adorable, we're pretty close to getting a puppy ... or 2 .?!? Of our own & I think watermelon smoothie is the PERFECT color for Ms. Sassafras . Yum, those Loft colors look & sound delicious to me too

  2. I love that watermelon smoothie paint color!