Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

My husband is on vacation this week!! Hip hip hooray.  No more late night "I'm not going to be home on time" calls, no more missed dinners, no more lonely me!  For one week at least.  I will take what I can get.  It doesn't seem very vacation-y though since Natalie is in school and we can't take any trips.  Instead we are turning our focus to organizing the house.  My main goal is to get the girls' room re-vamped which will include painting and moving Kara from a toddler bed, to the trundle that pulls out from Natalie's bed.  I can't believe Kara is already outgrowing her toddler bed.  She is getting so big.  

On with the show...

With the addition of our new family member I am now on the hunt for vintage Boston items. How cool is this Boston head??

The perfect fall outfit. If it rained more here I would be all over the wellies. Do you own a pair? What color??

I need to learn how to make arrangements like this. It is such a beautiful art form.

Such a simple yet stunning DIY from Jaclyn of Stay in the Lines.


Have a sweet day!


  1. I love those rain boots! I don't own a pair but I would love them in red!

  2. Hooray for husbands being home! Andrew has the week of Thanksgiving off and I am already looking forward to it! :) Have a fabulous week... can't wait to see updates on the girls' room!