Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

Hello sweets.  How was the weekend?  I had a great time visiting my parents and going wine tasting yet again.  This is becoming a habit of mine, isn't it??  What can I say, it is just so much fun!  Every time I visit I cannot get over how beautiful the wine country is.  If you live in California and have yet to visit-get yourself over there ASAP!  Tell them Jackie sent ya.

Now on with the show...

Source: 7x7.com via Jackie on Pinterest

I love this peek into Alice Waters' kitchen. What is fun is that many of the sources she is siting are all fairly local for me. Love living near the bay area!

Source: loft.com via Jackie on Pinterest

Such a great fall outfit from Loft. Back in high school I actually owned a pair of cords in almost the exact same cut and color. They were from Goodwill, and from the phase where I thought I was so cool and unique shopping there! Ha!

The perfect simple bedroom. Loving the low to the floor bed and rustic bench.

Malted pumpkin cookies with brown butter frosting. Droooolz.

Have a great day!

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  1. I have been lusting over that bedroom from pinterest! I love it!