30th Birthday Party Re-Cap {Part I}

Finally! I've had so many technical difficulties this week it's not even funny.  First my camera wasn't uploading pics into Picasa-it still isn't, I had to take another route entirely. Then my washing machine broke so I am drowning in dirty laundry over here.  It is fixed now though so I have a long day of laundry ahead of me.  Thank goodness because I am on my last pair of undies.

Anywho...wanted to get these photos out there, so here is a smattering of photos with quick descriptions.

First off-what I wore...   

I didn't manage to get a good shot of my outfit the whole night, but at the beginning I did manage this pic-in-the-mirror move, which honestly is a bit embarrassing, but whatev.  I wish I got a better shot of my shoes because I love them long time.  Dress from Marshalls, necklace Vera Wang for Kohls, shoes Nine West.

Here is only a small part of the food table, because yet again I didn't manage a full picture later in the evening.  When guests start arriving and more wine is consumed I am less and less inclined to be running around with my camera.

This is the beautiful, amazingly delicious cake that the hostess Erin's husband made.  It turned out so perfect! Check out my inspiration photo I gave them-it's a dead ringer!

Another beauty shot.

Here is the outdoor seating underneath the pergola that was built by the same guy who baked my cake. For reals.  He is a jack-of-all-trades.   He also created the chandy that is hanging down with all of the mason jars holding candles and floral arrangements.   See my inspiration pic here.   My friend joked about the party being "Whatever Jackie wants...Jackie gets" , and seriously it was!  They made sure all the elements I was dreaming of came to life.  Love you guys!!

A few more detailed shots of the chandy.  I did the floral arrangements myself using succulents and olive tree branches from my yard, and the flowers were from the local Farmer's Market.

For the tables I created a rustic look using burlap for runners (which I just cut from yardage bought from Joanne's- I didn't need or want them to be perfect), wine bottles that I spiffed up with vintage lace, glass hurricanes with candles and olive branches, and slices of wood that I jacked from my inlaws' house and my husband sawed down for me.  

These Zinnia's blew my mind.  They were huge!! And only $1 for 5 stems. Can you believe it?!

Here is a shot as it was getting dark.  The yard looked absolutely magical!!  The hostess made hanging lanterns out of mason jars to hang in all the trees.

And here is the smores bar.  This was a big hit let me tell ya! I bought different flavored marshmallows and graham crackers along with an assortment of chocolates so people could get creative.  The chocolate marshmallows were the most popular.

The adorable signs were made by my lovely blog friend Christina.  If you ever need paper goods, she is the go-to gal.  I just gave her a vague idea of what I wanted and she knocked it out of the ball park.  And at the last minute to boot!  Thank you so much again Christina!! Check out her etsy shop here.

See the little mason jar filled with glitter and a candle? Love.

The wine bar.  

Mason jars wrapped in twine with little mint tags for people to write their names on.  I am not over the mason jars trend.  I don't think I ever will be.

Pick your poison!

Another big hit was the blankie basket.  It got very chilly that night, and people were wrapped up in these babies til the early morning.

Hooray for 30!

I had an unbelievably amazing time that evening, it is truly a night I will never forget!

Part II to come next week.


  1. Gorgeous! Everything looks like you had so much fun and an ideal party! :) Glad you will never forget it! And that cake looks super amazing! That guy is talented! :D


  2. Amazing!! I'm stealing your ideas for my 3-0. Hopefully I'll be able to pull it together in 3.5 years? LOL


  3. What great friends you have (although I bet it was a bummer to leave that beautiful pergola behind when you went home!). You look fantastic. 30 looks good on you!

  4. Holy smokes girl!! How inspiring! I'm blown away, I adore all the succulent touches especially your cake and that pergola... What a stunner! Happy 30th such a memorable celebration!!

  5. What sweet friends you have to pull off such an amazing event! Everything looked absolutely perfect! And you look AMAZING! Woo hoo!

    ps, thank goodness for fixed washing machines! :)

  6. its all so stunning! that chandelier? oh my goodness that is the most beautiful thing ever!

  7. Ah your party looked so fun...I loved the outside table setting...and 30...such a perfect birthday- glad you celebrated in in fabulous style!!

  8. I love each and every part of these pictures! Great party ideas and what awesome friends you have Jackie!! Happy belated 3-0!!!!!! :)

  9. Love it. I've seriously been checking over and over to see if your pics were up. Of course the one day I don't look is the day you show off the party. I LOVE, love how everything came together. And thanks for your kind words about the signs. I'm so glad you liked them :)

    xo and Happy Birthday!

  10. holy mackeral! I'm so so happy to have stumbled on your blog today...first things first: happy belated! You looked positively fabulous and all of your decorations are impeccable. I think my favorite feature was the cake. I adore succulents! so so thrilled to have found you :) enjoy your weekend! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  11. Unbelievable! What an absolutely gorgeous party! I can't believe the candle jars strung up from the pergola. Magical!