Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

I know some of you are summer lovers, and may be pretty sick of people jumping the gun on fall.  I however, am not, so I am officially giving myself the green light now that labor day weekend is (almost) over to go full steam ahead with fall related posts.  I actually am not a big fan of summer, other than the fact we all get to sleep in on the mornings.  The heat is stifling, and while I love the beach, I actually enjoy it even more in the colder months.  I feel like I pretty much come back alive in the fall.  So here we go with lots of fall inspiration on this Monday morning...

I'm loving this cozy room to curl up in...little doggie has the right idea!

This image from the new issue of Matchbook got me all giddy, wanting to throw a Fall picnic amongst the apple trees.

Five words: Grilled figs with honeyed mascarpone. Drooooooolz.

Love this rustic wreath that will look great on your door all the way through November.

Great color palette on these DIY party blowers from Martha.

Such a wonderful daily reminder, and my new fall mantra.

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  1. Definitely a summer girl all the way here... these are a great glimpse of fall, though. Loving the Matchbook shot!