Kitchen Additions

It's been awhile since I have updated you on any kitchen progress. Mainly because there hasn't been any! But over the weekend I crossed off two more items from my list: hanging art above the open shelving and adding new a window treatment. 

I knew I wanted a bamboo shade, and I found this one at Home Depot for $20.  I hung it higher than the top of the window to create the illusion that it is a bigger window than it actually is.  I used the top of the cabinets as a guide for how high to hang it.

I still plan on creating a window cornice with some great fabric to go over the very top.

I also framed the print we got while wine tasting last month.  Natalie said "Uh, mom, that girl is naked."  to which I said "Yep, she sure is!" Ha! I'm probably going to get some interesting comments on it, but my husband and I love it and it reminds us of the fun time we had that day.

I found the perfect frame at Michaels.  The weathered gray look matches my dining table perfectly!

And a few more mini additions:

Missoni for Target glass bowl.  This was one of my favorite items from the whole shebang. 

Fran the fern.  

And last but not least, here is a pic of my new fridge!  I am so in love.  The French-door with freezer on bottom is just genius.  I love being able to see everything in the fridge without having to bend over and move things around to get what I want.  And you can fit so much in the freezer!  

Pretty much all that is left is to tackle the cabinets, which I am lagging on.  I really don't want to refinish them myself, but my husband wants to try.  I would rather just hire out because to be honest I'm kinda over the DIY's for now.  We'll see how it pans out over the next few months.  Oh, I also haven't organized the pantry yet, stuff keeps coming up and I haven't gotten the chance.  

To start from the beginning of my kitchen re-do, including before shots, plans and progress click here.


  1. it looks so good, that bamboo window treatment fits in just perfectly.

    we have that same cycles poster framed in our family room!

  2. It's looking great! Love the bamboo shade with the pendant light. Was your shade a clearance find? I am looking for similar ones, but looking through the special order books at Home Depot just left me completely overwhelmed! And everything seemed so dang expensive and more fancy than I wanted. Maybe I missed the ordinary shade section....

  3. Lookin good there Jack! And you might have convinced me with that Missoni bowl, it is pretty cute. And hurray for a new fridge! We have the same set-up and could never imagine going back old-school side by side or gasp! freezer up top style. Spoiled we are.

  4. I love it! Everything is coming together so nicely! I am getting a little kitchen redo itch now... BTW I have a side by side fridge and HATEITTTT! I am ubber jealous of your new addition!

  5. Looks great and I love that print!

  6. Love the window treatment! It's really coming together nicely!

  7. Lots of progress! I bet if you just power through, the painting won't be too bad. Love your response to Natalie's concern about Naked Girl. Haha.