Sweet Picks: The Modern Stud

Not that kind of stud, silly, I'm talking about earrings! Jeesh.  I'm in the market for an everyday earring, and for me, only a stud will do.  Big dangly beauties are fun for going out, but I need something small and simple for everyday.  I'm getting tired of my traditional pearls, so here are a few modern choices I'm considering:

middle right-gorjana "chloe"

I'm leaning towards the gorjana studs.  What do you think?


  1. i like the house of harlow ones!

  2. I wear studs every day because danglies don't really work in the courtroom. I love my kate spade marmalade studs. I can't live without them.

  3. i'd go with the gorjana studs as being the most versatile. i think colors like grey, black, white, olive and tan will always be in, and those earrings will always match!

  4. The Gorjana ones are my favorites too! But I also really like the Kate Spades (of course).