Kitchen Open Shelving & Pendant Over Sink!

We're making progress in the kitchen folks!  We tore down the wall of cabinetry, which was surprisingly easy, and I ordered a 5 foot cafe shelf from Ballard.  I searched high and low for open shelving, pondered on making our own, but in the end went ahead with the Ballard version.  I am very happy with the quality and aesthetic.  As a refresher, here is how things were looking before:
Here is where we are at now:

What do you think?  In this shot you can see a bit of my refinished dining table, the new pendant over the table, our new open shelving and the new pendant above the sink.  I just love the way the room looks so much more open and bright now with those cabinets gone.

I've been fooling around with the arrangement on the shelving for days now, and am sure it will look different again soon.  I plan to add some sort of artwork above the shelving, as well as a lamp sitting below it on the counter.  Going for a nice homey feel.

I'm loving the pendant over the sink, also from Ballard.  It was so easy to just screw it right into where the recessed light had been.

So there you have where our kitchen is at as of today.  Actually, I didn't share with you my one other aquisition-a new refrigerator!  My husband agreed to buy me a new one as my 30th Birthday gift, which is such a sign of my age, no?  I seriously have never been happier about a gift before.  Will share pics of her soon.

Next project:
Pantry organization, new window treatment

Paint cabinets, island and install hardware (which I am dreading the work involved with that)

To view all my plans and progress in the kitchen up to today, click here.


  1. I love it! The pendant over the sink and lantern over the table are gorgeous. I've eyed those Ballard screw in pendants before and wondered how it'd turn out. Good to know!

  2. Jackie, I love it!!! I am totally inspired once again!!! We need new lighting SO bad in our house and you have listed some beautiful options along the way. It all may have to wait as we hopefully will be putting our house on the market next spring to move back home to CA...torture!

  3. Wow! I can't believe how much more open and fresher it looks! Love the lighting as well, great choices!

  4. This looks SO amazing Jackie and seems so close to your vision for the space. I am totally loving it...

    Also, I'm going to need some eye-candy shots of the fridge, these are the things we get excited about now, huh!?!?

  5. It is looking great. I like the black accent a lot in the lighting. The lantern shape is cute too.

  6. amazing what a small change can to do totally revamp a room. What a great job Jackie! You have my mind reeling about possibilities for our kitchen.


  7. It's beautiful! You've got such an eye!

    Love your gurgle pot...i've never seen that color!