Interior Infatuation: Southern Living 2011 Idea House

Magazine "Idea Houses" never fail to please, and this year's Southern Living home is no different.  Here are a few of my favorite rooms:

The Kitchen:

Of course this is just gorgeous, and has lots of my favorite components when it comes to kitchen design: no overhead cabinets, subway tile, open shelving, painted cabinets, etc.  I love the eclectic look-not everything matches and that is okay.

Great little coffee station vignette.  I have a similar area where I store my coffee beans, french press and splendas for my morning cuppa.

The "Laundry/Floral" Room:

You know you got it rough when your laundry room is so big it needs a dual purpose. What a great wall color though! I guess I forgive the rich b@stards who will end up living here.  People do end up moving into these right?

Can you even imagine?? 

The Library:

This may actually be my favorite room in the house.  Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves add instant coziness to a room.  Throw in a leather club chair with ottoman, and a nice big round table to spread your books on and you are good to go. 

Here is how you can achieve a similar look at home:


  1. That is an amazing laundry room. I probably wouldn't mind doing laundry as bad if I had that space to work in!

  2. that laundry room???? give. me. a. break. LOVE it.