Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

So how was everyone's weekend?  Did you have any fun in the sun?  I took the girls up to visit my parents for the weekend as my husband was working lots of overtime and we would have just been home alone.  We went to the Healdsburg Water Carnival, which was so much fun!  There was a water parade of around 20 floats going down the river, with one being a replica of a giant swan, that was originally built in 1908 for the first ever water parade.  It was all really cool.  One of the floats had mermaids-they were wearing tails and everything, and they even dove into the water and swam around. Natalie and Kara were amazed.  At the end of the parade we all snuck down to the VIP area (shh, don't tell on us) and I got the girls' picture taken with the mermaids.  I'll have to post them for you guys to see-those mermaids are pretty amazing!  We're back home now and ready to start a new week, so let's kick it off with my {P}inspirations...

I love love LOVE this chicken coop.  Seriously, how cute is this?  I really have a thing for chicken coops in general, every time I see one it brings me a smile.  But this one really has it all-nice neat boxwood hedges, a great lantern, beautifully painted wood siding, and a pretty pale blue glazed pot holding a lime green fern.  Oh, and of course the chickens! Ha!

This room is a feast for the eyes- it is layered so well.  I could take many tips from this picture on how to arrange my own furniture: console table against the wall, chair in front with a side table and mismatched chair to the side, coffee table with shorter ottoman in front.  The colors and textures in this room are inspiring as well.

This mini ruffle frosting cake is just adorable!  Love the teal green frosting with silver dragees.

I'm going to buy this whole outfit from JCrew and wear it all Fall. Is that cool?

Lastly, you and I must try this recipe for Strawberry Poppyseed Vinaigrette.  Nom nom nom.

Oh, and a little kitchen update-my lighting is ordered and on it's way!  Also my table is finally 100% complete, so I'll be sharing the photos this week.  Next on the to-do: rip out the cabinets where we want to install open shelving.  We may even do that this week!  We're rockin and rollin kids!


  1. totally diggin' the JCrew outfit and the chicken coop - !

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. Darling outfit. Think I may need one too. And that coup- wish I had o=it in my backyard.

  3. The chicken coop, wow! Never knew that could be so nice.

  4. Thanks for pinning my Strawberry Poppyseed Vinaigrette dressing! It's one of my faves!!