Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

Well another weekend has come and gone and here we are on a Monday morning with a new week staring us in the face.  I have jam-packed my week with fun things to do with the girls as I realized over the weekend that there are exactly four weeks left of summer break for Natalie.  She starts Kindergarten on August 9th. *Gulp*!  I'm equal parts thrilled, relieved, sad, and apprehensive about the whole topic.  This will be the first time she is away from the house for a complete five days a week. Only half-days, but still, it's a big step up from Preschool.  This is it peeps, her real school career is beginning!  So in honor of these last dwindling days of summer break, I'm relishing in all things refreshing and summer-like this week.  After clipping a big bundle of mint from the garden to use as a bouquet in the kitchen,  I have been drawn to anything fresh green...

Source: None via Jackie on Pinterest

What I wouldn't give to spend the rest of my summer nights on this patio!

What a lively little room this is with the apple green dresser.  It's all it needs to perk the whole room up.

I have more milk glass pieces than I know what to do with, so I was excited to come across this fun idea to try this week.

This cucumber salad will definitely be made this week.  I literally feel cooled down just looking at it.  I only wish I had the knife skills to slice a cuc that thin. Or that I owned a mandoline slicer. 

Have a refreshing day!


  1. That outdoor space is amazing! Also love the milk glass with the greenery and that cucumber salad is one of my favourites!

  2. LOVE the white milk glass vases! so pretty. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Those milk glass jars of moss are a great idea. I love how they look and I bet it isn't too hard to do. Your pot of mint sounds very refreshing too.