Kitchen Week: Our Kitchen & Plans

Okay, so as promised I am sharing with you photos of our kitchen today in it's current state.  When we bought our home, we were not able to make any choices as to the interior-we had to just agree to what the builder was already putting in.  So while it is all fine and livable, it's just not to my taste. After 7 years of living here I think I have waited long enough for a change.

Here's the overall gist of the kitchen:

And these are my preliminary plans:

Hey, there's a unicorn in my laundry room!

This is going to be a slow process, with things done here and there as time and money allows.  The first plan of attack is to refinish my dining table, which I spent the majority of my weekend tackling (if you follow me on twitter or instagram you've already gotten a full behind-the-scenes!).  I'm almost finished and will share the results here on the blog soon.  Next I will probably buy a new light for above the table, and a rug for underneath, just to have the whole dining area finished first.

I bought four of these beauties back in January at Cost Plus as my first move to a new kitchen. They were on clearance for $70 each.  I had been eyeing them for some time, but they were over $100 each, so I waited and waited until they went on clearance.  I love them, I think they have a great Moroccan vibe.

Here is a mood board I created recently with a few ideas I have swirling in my head.  Subject to change of course ;)

Kitchen Makeover Ideas
Click here for all the details.

Stay tuned for more tidbits this week, and any input happily accepted!


  1. As someone who is knee-deep in this process, let me just say that I can't wait to follow along with your transformation- I can already see how fabulous your ideas are going to translate- very exciting!!!

  2. lovely ideas Jackie! You already have a great room to work with and it has a good structure and layout - and A LOT OF CABINETS, wow! So I think once you get going you will be encouraged at how nicely and quickly it comes together! I would take the cabinets out first that you want out to the left of the window. Then paint the room. When we did that and replaced our cabinets with open shelving from IKEA it was a simple process and added A LOT! Can't wait to see the progress, I love the mood board you put together!

  3. i am looking forward to seeing the progress you make. you have such lovely ideas. you deserve a beautiful YOU kitchen =)

  4. Awesome! I love the chairs from World Market. Thanks for the inspiration. On my long list of things to accomplish is a re-paint of the kitchen and I am thinking gray. I can't wait to see how it all comes together. PS. Now I want a unicorn in my laundry room too! ;)

  5. how exciting! i cant wait to see how everything turns out. you have some great plans in the works! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  6. great plans!!!! its going to look amazing! and i am in love with those dining room chairs, perfect purchase. your kitchen has great bones already :)

  7. Great plans! Are you really going to get rid of the White Cost Plus chairs? I love them and think they are great. I can't wait to see the process!

  8. Thank you everyone!

    @Ingrid-No, I'm not getting rid of them, I actually just bought them and love them too :)

  9. Oh I love remodels! Great ideas you have! Can't wait to see the "after"!


  10. Your new kitchen will look so clean and modern! I love your palette. Can't wait to see the finished look.

  11. Great ideas! Love the open cabinet idea. I LOVE those chairs, so pretty and chic.