Interior Infatuation: Serene Bathrooms

Bathrooms should be two things in my book: simple and serene.  Here are a few recent favorites:

Look at those built-ins!

Source: flickr.com via Jackie on Pinterest

Love the vessel sink and touches of blue.

Striped gray and white tile? Yes.

Great subway tiles and love the mirror and open shelving.

I love the idea of mounting vintage (or vintage-esque) wire baskets to the wall to hold towels.

I think there is something quite soothing about black or dark navy walls in the bathroom. It envelopes you like a warm hug.

Another example of a nice dark bath.

And another. One of my all time faves. Love a good mermaid, and I have been dying for some turkish bath towels. But jeez, they are not cheap.  I tracked down the artist of the mermaid painting (wasn't hard as this is the artist's home featured in Country Living mag awhile back) and you can buy some of her prints here.  I've been seriously considering one for awhile.

So what do you look for in a good bathroom design?


  1. ohhh, that mermaid one if my favorite too....what a great print plus that tub and those towels, perfect.

  2. such pretty spaces! i really want a claw foot bathtub when we have a house. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Great bathroom spaces! Love that striped tile wall and the subway tile.


  4. Can't go wrong with white white white! But I love a bathroom that features color - it's a little less predictable.

  5. We love Kolene Spicher! Thanks For the mention.